A new hub of information for clergy, staff and volunteers

Central Services exist to support the Mission of the Archdiocese and Central Services recognise that we have a crucial role in supporting the work of our Parishes.

For the Church to flourish, we rely upon many people – Clergy, Religious, volunteers and paid staff – who don’t always operate according to office hours.  Consequently, we have brought together information and guidance on a whole range of central services areas that can be accessed via our new “Resource Centre” using the following link:


It is necessary to input individual log in details to use the Resource Centre.  All Parish Priests and Parish Office Managers will receive e-mails containing their User Name and instructions to set up their passwords.  Access for everyone else, such as Gift Aid Co-Ordinators, will be rolled out over the coming months and Central Services staff will those entitled to access updated on progress via Bowen House News. 

If you need urgent access before the main roll-out, we have created a form to fill in to request an account: https://forms.rcaos.org.uk/resource-centre-account-request/

The form asks for the name of the new user, the relevant parish, role, e-mail, and what sections access is required to. The form must be authorised by either the parish priest / departmental head or selected members of the Central Services Team ( viz ictsupport@rcaos.org.uk  / helenestewart@rcaos.org.uk / payroll@rcaos.org.uk ./ hr@rcaos.org.uk or property@rcaos.org.uk )

Notifications are sent to resourcecentre@rcaos.org.uk as well as to the person requesting and the person whose account will be created. 

Due to the filtering policies that the Archdiocese and many other external e-mail providers are following, we encourage Resource Centre users to check their Junk folder, on a regular basis, for confirmation and other types of automated messages and flag them as 'safe'.



Please find below a list of the main menu tabs.  The small arrow to the right indicates that there are a number of sub-menus available.  The Resource Centre is supported by a powerful search facility to make it easy to find the exact information you are looking for.  Access will be tailored; for example, Southwark Clergy will be able to see Chancery forms and communications from the Archbishop that will not be accessible to lay people.

Resource centre

This is a new venture for Central Services, and we welcome your feedback.  We hope we have covered the main activities for parishes, but if there is information that is missing then we would like to know.  Please help us improve the Resource Centre by letting us know if there is anything out of date on it, including broken links.  There is an electronic form that you can use to contact us, which is  available as an option when you click on the first “Get in Touch” tab.  Please note that this is very much a work in progress and some sections of the Resource Centre will continue to evolve over time.


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