Offering your abilities and a few hours of time (or more) to your parish is a wonderful way to participate in the life of the Church.  Listed below are some of the ways that you might choose to get involved. 

Each parish will have different needs and may use different terms, so it is better to speak to the parish priest in the first instance (or contact the parish office) to see how you may be able to help by using your gifts.

There are many areas of the life of the parish where volunteer time and energy can be useful:

  • In helping the life of the parish
  • Working with those preparing for the Sacraments and developing their faith.
  • By assisting in the liturgy
  • In reaching outside the parish

This is not, of course, an exhaustive list and will evolve as church life progresses in different ways. Some parishes may use different terms for the following roles or combine them in different ways.