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National Marriage Week this year is on February 7-14

A Christian marriage is rooted in faith; that means faith in God, as the giver of life and the one who promises eternal life to those who believe in him. The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales has launched a series of resources for National Marriage Week, which is from 7-14 February.

You can find all the resources, including prayers, on their website.





A simple prayer of thanksgiving for the vocation to marriage:

God our Father,

We pray in thanksgiving for the vocation to marriage
And for each couple that you join together in order to make a family.

We ask that every marriage brings each couple closer to you and closer to holiness.

We pray for those who are struggling in their marriage at present,
That they can make it through this tough time
And support each other in their differences.

We make this prayer through Christ, your Son, our Lord.


More Prayers



Marriage Week 2024

Marriage Preparation

Getting married? A little preparation can make a big difference.

Southwark provides marriage preparation courses but if you’re thinking of getting married, please contact your local parish priest or deacon for guidance. He will advise appropriate steps.

You can also visit your Diocesan Marriage and Family Life coordinator for further details on courses.